BlobSnap: a snapshot-based backup system designed to provide "time machine" like features.
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BlobSnap is a snapshot-based backup system built on top of BlobStash, designed to provide "time machine" like features.


  • Content addressed (with BLAKE2b as hashing algorithm), files are split into blobs, and retrieved by hash, blobs are deduplicated (incremental backups by default).
  • Read-only FUSE file system to navigate backups/snapshots.
  • Take snapshot automatically every x minutes, using a separate client-side scheduler (provides Arq/time machine like backup).
  • Possibility to incrementally archive blobs to AWS Glacier (see BlobStash docs).
  • Support for backing-up multiple hosts (you can force a different host to split backups into "different buckets").

Draws inspiration from Camlistore and bup (files are split into multiple blobs using a rolling checksum).


Fuse file system

The (read-only) Fuse file system is the most convenient way to restore/navigate snapshots.

There is two magic directories at the root:

  • latest: it contains the latest version of every snapshots/backups.
  • snapshots: it let you navigate for every snapshots, you can see every versions.
$ blobsnap mount /backups
2014/05/12 17:26:34 Mounting read-only filesystem on /backups
Ctrl+C to unmount.
$ ls /backups
$ ls /backups/tomt0m
latest  snapshots
$ ls /backups/tomt0m/latest
$ ls /backups/tomt0m/latest/writing
file1  file2  file3
$ ls /backups/tomt0m/snapshots/writing
2014-05-11T11:01:07+02:00  2014-05-11T18:36:06+02:00  2014-05-12T17:25:47+02:00
$ ls /backups/tomt0m/snapshots/writing/2014-05-11T18:36:06+02:00/writing
file1  file2  file3

Command-line client

blobsnap is the command-line client to perform/restore snapshots/backups.

$ blobsnap put /path/to/dir/or/file

Backup scheduler

The backup scheduler allows you to perform snapshots on a given basis.

The spec expect a cron-like spec, or a custom spec supported by

The scheduler support a special anacron-like mode, designed for laptop users.

    "anacron_mode": false,
    "snapshots": [
            "path": "/path/to/backup",
            "spec": "0 30 * * * *"
            "path": "/path/to/another/backup",
            "spec": "@every 12h"
$ blobsnap sched

Roadmap / Ideas

  • A stats subcommand
  • an Android app to backup Android devices
  • Follow .gitignore file
  • Fill an issue!


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Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Thomas Sileo and contributors. Released under the MIT license.