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A demo React-Typescript App

This is a basic React app to explain the usage of Typescript with React.
This deliberately is not made with create-react-app to understand the packages required. This app fetches data from API(for this demo I am serving the API from dev-server) and displays it as a table.

This demonstrates an example for the following:

  • React
  • Typescript
  • Jest
  • Enzyme
  • Webpack


  • node >= 10.14.2
  • yarn (or npm is also fine)

Getting started

Command Description
yarn install Install all dependencies
yarn start Starts dev server
yarn test run test cases
yarn coverage run tests and coverage


The state of the complete app is maintained in the App component. Query parameters are used to setup initial state (fallback to default in case none present). Once the component is mounted the data is fetched. If the data is not as expected or fetch fails, the error message is shown. Once the data is fetched its set up in state and Table component is loaded. All the filters and sorters are passed as props to Table component and based on that the component filters and sorts the data, the original data remains intact in the App state. Table component also takes care of pagination, as per page it slices the data and passes it to TableBody component which in turn renders the table body UI. The Table component also renders the thead with filters and sorters (in the form of Sortable component) and Pagination component. All the actions are passed from the App component and in case of click or change events these are fired and the App state is changed accordingly. These actions after updating the App state updates the URL with the help of history, so as to make the user choice persistent.


  • It easy to add new sorter, adding a sort field type and including a Sortable component will take care of everything.
  • New Filters can be added reusing current functionality, both as input type text or select box.


  • Unit tests are written for all the components with 100% coverage.
  • Enzyme + Jest setup has been used for writing tests.
  • fetch is mocked globally and spyed for success/fail/error messages.
  • Since css imports are used, identity-obj-proxy is used to handle them.


  • Every component except the App component is a stateless functional component.
  • Memoization is used to prevent unnecessary re-renders.


  • All the data is dumped with a single fetch call, server side pagination would improve performance.
  • Better Pagination experience with pills structure.
  • More filters can be added, eG: for email.
  • There are no validations in Input, adding some will help.
  • UI can be improved. eG: The table fluctuates in size with each change.
  • The App.css houses all the CSS rules, this can be split.
  • A few plugins can be added to webpack for optimizing production code like uglifyjs-webpack-plugin.


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