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  1. ic880a-gateway ic880a-gateway Public

    Reference setup for iC880a gateways running The Things Network

    Shell 453 208

  2. gateway-remote-config gateway-remote-config Public

    Provides settings for TTN gateways that receive their settings automatically on start.

    49 1.3k

  3. lora_gateway lora_gateway Public

    Forked from TheThingsArchive/lora_gateway

    Driver/HAL to build a gateway using a concentrator board based on Semtech SX1301 multi-channel modem and SX1257/SX1255 RF transceivers.

    C 9 6

  4. ttn-coverage-tracker ttn-coverage-tracker Public

    Parses API data to build GeoJSON files of network coverage

    Python 6 3

  5. packet_forwarder packet_forwarder Public

    Forked from TheThingsArchive/packet_forwarder

    A LoRa packet forwarder is a program running on the host of a LoRa gateway that forwards RF packets receive by the concentrator to a server through a IP/UDP link, and emits RF packets that are sent…

    C 5 5

  6. lora-gateway-watchdog lora-gateway-watchdog Public

    Watchdog service for LoRa gateways with an SX1301 concentrator

    C 4 2


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