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Chrome extension for masterpassword
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Master Password implemented as a Chrome extension

This is a chrome extension implementing the masterpassword algorithm invented by Maarten Billemont. You can visit his website at

Please note that this plugin is not affiliated with Mr Billemont

The site settings will sync between your chrome installations if you have chrome sync enabled. (also in incognito)


Find the extension at in the appstore here

or download from the releases page and:

  • Open the chrome exensions setting chrome://extensions/ and drag the file over it.

Incognito mode

Exensions are by default prevented from running in incognito mode. You can allow the masterpassword exension in by visiting the chrome://extensions/ exension settings and check the box. Masterpassword will not save site configs when in incognito mode.

Changing the site name

Many sites (like google) have localized url's (, etc). It is recommended that you use the global (ie as the site name in such cases.

When you first open masterpassword on a localized domain, that domain will be suggested in masterpassword. You can change this. It will be remembered for your next visit.

If you have several accounts at a domain, it is suggested to prefix the site name with something like "username@" (ie The site name in masterpassword will change to a dropdown if you have multiple variants.

Algorithm versions and compatibility

The MasterPassword algorithm have gone through several revisions as bugs and unfortunate design descisions have been discovered. This addon implements v3 of the algorithm. You should have no problem interoperating with other apps using the same version. Additionally you will get the same passwords for apps using the v2, as long as your master user name only contains ascii letters, numbers and symbols. In particular that means you should avoid non english/latin characters like æ,ø,å,ß,€ and similar in your name, if you need to mix v2 and v3.

Differences on name and phrase type passwords

version >= 2.0

There was a descrepancy between how MasterPassword for Firefox and other implementations handled passwords with the type name and phrase. This has been corrected in versions after 2.0rc2. To get the old behaviour select the name (v) or phrase (v) option.

Specifically, versions prior to 2.0rc2 forced the variant for such types to be respectively login or answer. The variant concept is not commonly available in other implementations.

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