Custom buttons for bueditor module. Imported file and folder with icons.
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Custom buttons for bueditor module. Tested on drupal-7.x. versions.

Currently there are 4 groups of buttons:

  1. Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Superscript text, Subscript text,
  2. Headings, Text align buttons, Ordered/Unordered lists, Quotes, Code
  3. Insert link, Image (from url), Upload file (One Click upload module is required -, Insert symbol, Text color, Insert table, Delete html tags (select text with html tags and click)
  4. Teaser break, Preview, Help, Undo, Redo

To enable:

  1. download bueditor here - ;
  2. enable bueditor module - ;
  3. download folder "turbueditor" and place it here - ;
  4. go to bueditor config - ;
  5. click "Import editor" - ;
  6. -- Editor name: whatever you want -- Directory of editor files: turbueditor -- Directory of editor files: paste all code from Turbopxl.bueditor.txt -- Overwrite: if you want to overwrite existing editors you may choose one (optionally).
  7. click "import" ;
  8. In "Role-editor assignments" assign imported editor for roles.
  9. Profit!

Процесс установки редактора можно прочитать и тут -