A bot to interact with Trello on matrix
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A matrix bot to interact with Trello.

Questions? Ask away in #trellobot:t2bot.io


  1. Invite @trello:t2bot.io to a private room
  2. Send the message !trello login to authorize the bot to access your boards
  3. Invite @trello:t2bot.io to the room where you'd like Trello notifications/commands
  4. Send the message !trello watch <board url>
  5. The bot will now start notifying you about various actions performed on Trello

Building your own

Note: You'll need to have access to an account that the bot can use to get the access token.

  1. Clone this repository
  2. npm install
  3. npm run build
  4. Copy config/default.yaml to config/production.yaml
  5. Run the bot with NODE_ENV=production node lib/index.js


# Create the directory structure
# The bot needs it's config folder and cache location.
mkdir -p /matrix-trello-bot/config
mkdir -p /matrix-trello-bot/storage

# Create the configuration file. Use the default configration as a template.
nano /matrix-trello-bot/config/production.yaml

# Run the container
docker run -v /matrix-trello-bot:/data -p 4501:4501 turt2live/matrix-trello-bot