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Serverless Toolkit

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What is the Serverless Toolkit?

The Serverless Toolkit is CLI tooling to help you develop locally and deploy to the Twilio Runtime.

There are two ways you can use the toolkit. If you are already using the Twilio CLI, you can install it via a plugin. Alternatively, you can use the toolkit as a standalone using twilio-run via npm or another Node.js package manager.

Throughout the docs, you can switch in the code snippets between Twilio-CLI and Bash Session to get the commands for both versions.

Let's work together

Everything in this toolkit is released under Twilio Labs and fully open-source. If you find any problems with this, please file an issue or even create a pull request to work together with us on the toolkit. We would love to hear your ideas and feedback!

Project Structure & Contributing

This project is a monorepo, meaning it contains multiple packages in one repository. It consists out of the following packages:

Also part of the Serverless toolkit, but in another repository:

To understand more about the structure and the design of the Toolkit check out the design documentation.

Setup & Development

This project uses lerna as a tool to manage the monorepo. If you are unfamiliar with the tool, start by checking out the the lerna docs.

git clone
cd serverless-toolkit
npm install
npm run bootstrap




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