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Serverless Toolkit

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What is the Serverless Toolkit?

The Serverless Toolkit is CLI tooling to help you develop locally and deploy to the Twilio Functions & Assets.

There are two ways you can use the toolkit. If you are already using the Twilio CLI, you can install it via a plugin. Alternatively, you can use the toolkit as a standalone using twilio-run via npm or another Node.js package manager.

Throughout the docs, you can switch in the code snippets between Twilio-CLI and Bash Session to get the commands for both versions.

Let's work together

Everything in this toolkit is released under Twilio Labs and fully open-source. If you find any problems with this, please file an issue or even create a pull request to work together with us on the toolkit. We would love to hear your ideas and feedback!

Project Structure & Contributing

This project is a monorepo, meaning it contains multiple packages in one repository. It consists out of the following packages:

Also part of the Serverless toolkit, but in another repository:

To understand more about the structure and the design of the Toolkit check out the design documentation.

Setup & Development

This project uses npm workspaces as a tool to manage the monorepo. If you are unfamiliar with the tool, start by checking out the the npm docs and make sure you use at least npm version 8 or newer (npm install -g npm@8).

git clone
cd serverless-toolkit
npm install
npm run build




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