A starter app for Java developers embarking on their first Twilio quest!
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Welcome to the Java Guild!

As members of the Java Guild, you will be working through the challenges of TwilioQuest using the Java programming language and the Play Framework. This project is pre-configured to have some interesting functionality built in using the Twilio Java helper library.

Setting Up

As a first step, you should download this project, or clone it if you are a Git user. Navigate to the directory for this project, and open it with your favorite text editor.

Rename the file {project root}/conf/application.conf.sample to {project root}/conf/application.conf. Open this file and locate the following three lines of configuration:


These values inside quotation marks will need to be replaced with the following information from your Twilio account:

  • twilio.accountSid : Your Twilio "account SID" - it's like your username for the Twilio API. This and the auth token (below) can be found on your account dashboard.
  • twilio.authToken : Your Twilio "auth token" - it's your password for the Twilio API. This and the account SID (above) can be found on your account dashboard.
  • twilio.number : A Twilio number that you own, that can be used for making calls and sending messages. You can find a list of phone numbers you control (and buy another one, if necessary) in the account portal.

Now that our project is ready, we need to download and install the Play Framework following the instructions on their web site. Once the Play command is available on your system path, navigate to your project's directory in a terminal window.

Running the Application

To run the application, we first need to start a Play console session. To start the Play console, navigate to the starter project directory in a Terminal and use the command play:

play console

To run the application, enter the command run. This will start a local HTTP server running on port 9000 on your computer:

run command

When you vist http://localhost:9000/ in a web browser, you should see a page that looks like this:

java guild app

Try out the text message and voice call demos by entering your mobile phone number and clicking the button. If you receive a text message and a call, everything is working!

Begin Questing!

This is but your first step into a larger world. Return to TwilioQuest to continue your adventure. Huzzah!