Rubyception - Realtime Rails log in your browser
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A realtime log viewer for Rails (released under the MIT license)

This shows a normal log entry screenshot 1

This entry has an exception. The backtrace file names are clickable and will open in MacVim. Soon support for TextMate & other editors will be added. screenshot 2


  • Real-time updating of the log file using Websocket
  • Filenames in exceptions are shown as links which open in MacVim (support for TextMate and other editors to be added soon)


Add to your gemfile in the development group:

group :development do
  gem 'rubyception'


bundle install

Add to your config/routes.rb:

mount Rubyception::Engine => '/rubyception'

Run your rails server and go to:
Your log entries will appear on the rubyception page in realtime. You must be using a browser that supports Websockets.

Using in Production

Rubyception is not intended to be used in a production environment. If you need exception handling in production I recommend Airbrake, Exceptional or NewRelic.


up or k Move selection up
down or j Move selection down
enter Expand selected entry
G Go to last entry
gg Go to first entry
42gg or 42G Go to 42nd entry
p Toggles between inline and nested parameters view if you have a log entry open