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Notifies people who live at the Gamecock Village when the bus is near
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White Bus Tracker
White Bus

Village Bus Alerter Creator

This project helps residents who live at the Gamecock Village be notified when the campus bus is in range of the apartment complex. The user has a choice of manually updating the bus times by hitting the [Check Bus Times]. In order to track the bus and be alerted when the bus is less than 5 minutes away just hit [Start Tracking Buses]. This will cause the system to continue track all buses going to the apartment complex until the user hits [Stop Tracking].



    pip3 install beautifulsoup4
    pip install beautifulsoup4

If you do not have pip3 installed then follow this simple guide by Artur Spirin

Downloading the Program

To download the program click Download on the GitHub Page.

Running the Program

After the program is downloaded then unzip it and run "White Bus Tracker"(WITHOUT THE QUOTES). This will provide an easy to use interface for the tracker.


To get an instant update on all bus locations:

  • click: [Check Bus Times] To begin tracking of the buses and be alerted when a bus is within 5 minutes from your location:
  • click: [Start Tracking Buses] To stop tracking:
  • click: [Stop Tracking]

About Structure

"White Bus Tracker" uses "White Bus" Classes and "White Bus Tracker" only creates a GUI Representation from "White Bus". "White Bus" main purpose is to parse the webpage data and be used as an API.



The Village Bus Alerter is created under the MIT License


  • This project can be modified and used for free
  • Give credit if used
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