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This is the home for my FAT32 on SD/SDHC library with support for several SparkFun modules.

This includes my version of OpenLog which I’m calling HyperLog. It has no menu and reads the baud rate from “HYPERLOG.CFG”.

There is a menuized demo program in FAT32CLI which is sort of like OpenLog, but I don’t remember baud rates (57600 only) and the functions are more atomic.

I also created dcimmer which is a remix for the JPEG trigger – I’ve upped the baud rate to the Max (921600) and use the DCF standard (DCIM directory and naming conventions) so it works with an EyeFi.

I also have an I2C section for various modules from Sparkfun that use it.

The FAT32 Library itself is not yet GPL (The API is still mutating and I don’t want derivatives before the API is completely stable, i.e. fat32.h won’t change ever). There is a NOCOPYINGYET file explaining this further. The main.c files and the rest are GPLv3.