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Vim-style keyboard shortcuts for Safari
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VimMode - Kill your mouse!

VimMode provides Vim-style keyboard shortcuts to Safari. Unlike others, it has a clean codebase and is fully configurable.


  • Hints mode

    Press Ctrl-F to enter hints mode, then type the tag for the link/control you'd like to trigger.

    By default, only elements inside the visible area are hinted.

    Tip: You can open links in new tabs by using the Shift key, e.g. Ctrl-Shift-F or a Shift-A inside the combo.

    Tip: Hold (Command key) to hide hints when hints mode is active.

    Tip: You can still scroll up/down, just use Ctrl as a modifier key (even if you've set it to None)

  • Scroll up/down

    Ctrl-J and Ctrl-K for half-page, Ctrl-N and Ctrl-M for full page.

  • Next/previous tab

    Ctrl-I and Ctrl-U.

  • Number key navigation

    Alt-1 through Alt-9 to switch accross first 9 tabs, Alt-0 to switch to the last one.

  • Configurable modifiers

    Yes. Everything is configurable, even disableable.


  1. Download.
  2. Open the file.
  3. There's no step 3! :-)




Copyright © 2013 Latchezar Tzvetkoff. See for details.

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