Arduino uArm Metal Library (uArm Metal only)
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Warning, This Library is for developer, After upload the library, you must recalibrate the uArm


  • uArm Metal

Specification Please read Documentation Center /API Developer Center


  • Download and install Arduino IDE
  • Clone the source code under ~/Arduino/libraries/
  • Open Arduino IDE, choose one ino file under examples/
  • Select board as Genuino Uno, and port as /dev/ttyUSB0(i.e. for linux)
  • Upload the example to your uArm If you don't know how to upload Arduino sketch, We recommend you read this Arduino Getting Started on Windows or Arduino Getting Started on MacOS
  • You need to recalibrate when you are new to this library. we recommend the GUI Calibration tool.

Getting Started

please reference Arduino [GettingStarted][GettingStarted] Sketch

[GettingStarted]: @ref GettingStarted.ino