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Scripts and bots that we use and recommend.

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  1. probot-app-release-notes probot-app-release-notes Public

    Sets GitHub release notes based on changes

    JavaScript 8 5

  2. probot-app-release probot-app-release Public

    Creates GitHub releases

    JavaScript 7 5

  3. probot-app-pr-title probot-app-pr-title Public

    Enforces the format of PR titles/commits

    JavaScript 7 7

  4. probot-app-merge-pr probot-app-merge-pr Public

    Merges PRs on command

    JavaScript 5 4

  5. probot-app-todos probot-app-todos Public

    Ensures TODOs have corresponding open issues on GitHub

    JavaScript 4 4

  6. run-without-clone-buildkite-plugin run-without-clone-buildkite-plugin Public

    Buildkite plugin to skip git clone before running a command

    Shell 3 4


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