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Beubo is in Alpha and not recommended for production use, expect breaking changes and bugs

I created Beubo to get better at Go. To learn more and to make it easier to get going with new projects. None of the platforms or libraries in the Go ecosystem felt right for me. That's why I set out to make my own CMS/Library, Beubo.

Beubo is a CMS that aims to be easy to use and written in Go. I wanted it to be as easy to use as Wordpress but with much better performance and with support for multiple websites right from the start. I try to keep the capabilities of Beubo as small as possible. I hope I can make Beubo easy to build on using plugins so that it can be used for anything and everything.

Here are a few of the features I want to support:

  • Site management, routing based on domain
  • Page creation, editing, deletion
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • User management with roles and permissions

That's pretty much it.

Simply run go run cmd/beubo/main.go to get started.


Beubo uses GORM to handle database operations. Currently I am supporting sqlite3 and mysql but other drivers may work but have not been tested.


When running Beubo for the first time an installation page will open at the specified port. The page asks for various details needed to configure your site including database details. You will need to create a database on a MariaDB server and provide details so that Beubo can connect to it. You can also use sqlite3 but I only recommend it for local development.

Once the installation is complete it will no longer be available, delete the .env file to redo the installation process. To start with a fresh database simply truncate your current database and it will auto migrate and seed a fresh database.

CLI options

-port=8080      Allows you to specify which port Beubo should listen on


Beubo uses the go html templates to build pages. These templates use functions to render sections of content which plugins can hook into when a request is made.


Beubo supports go plugins. Simply place your .so under /plugins and Beubo will try to load this plugin as it starts. A plugin will need to expose a Register method in order to run. Please see the example plugin to learn more.


Beubo is a free, simple, and minimal CMS with unlimited extensibility using plugins








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