basgo compiles BASIC-lang to Golang
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basgo compiles BASIC-lang to Golang


In order to build the 'basgo-build' compiler, a recent version of Go is required.

If your system lacks Go, this recipe will install a current release of Go:

git clone
cd update-golang
sudo ./


The recipe below will install 'basgo-build' under "~/go/bin".

git clone
cd basgo

Run the Compiler

basgo-build < program.bas > program.go
go run program.go                      ;# builds and runs program.go

Status and Limitations

The compiler currently can handle many simple programs.

Limitations include lack of support for sound, graphics and hardware-specific instructions (POKE, PEEK, etc).

See also known issues:


basgo-build < examples/game.bas > game.go
go run game.go                            ;# builds and runs game.go

Sample - Hello World

$ echo '10 print "hello world!"' | basgo-build > a.go
$ go run a.go
hello world!

Use _GOFUNC to call Go function from BASIC code

_GOFUNC() is a BASIC keyword introduced by the 'basgo' compiler in order to call a Go function from BASIC code.

10 result = _GOFUNC("func_name", arg1, arg2, ..., argN)
20 print result

See gofunc

Run the Interpreter

Status: the interpreter currently can only parse simple programs, but is unable to execute anything.

# interpreter interactively reads from stdin

BASIC References

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BASIC documentation - GW-BASIC User's Guide - GW-BASIC User's Guide - Operators - Language Guide

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