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A platform fighter utilizing the Phaser JavaScript library
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In order to run, use Mongoose or a web server and open up the states folder in this repo, if it does not automatically run, then run index.html :)

A simple street fighter/ smash bros esque video game project about the ongoing debate for best library

This project is made using javascript and the Phaser framework

Current issues are creating temporary hitboxes and implementing a statemachine and creation of a fighter class.

Future goals for the project is implementing a basic ai fighter as well as couch multiplayer and items and other stages.

Getting Started: Mongoose is a recommended personal embedded web server, it is an application to run/host html files so you can run phaser games on your desktop. There is a download link for it below. Once downloaded, simply put mongoose on your desktop or inside your phaser folder, select mongoose and then click on the game file to run your game!

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