This is plugin written for vim editor. The plugin provides vim helpfile for goyo.vim ( plugin.
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This is helpfile for goyo.vim plugin. The plugin goyo.vim helps writer to focus on their writing while they are writing. This plugin only contains a helpfile. For using the [goyo.vim] plugin, you have to install that plugin. The native plugin does not contain any kind of vim specific helpfile. Installing this plugin will allow you to play with the helpfile in your vim editor.

How to install?

You can use any of automated plugin installer such as vim-pathogen, Vundle etc. You can use this guidlines for installing plugin without any manager.

How to use documentation after installation?

:help goyo_doc.txt



Why to install new plugin just for vim helpfile?

The main problem with Goyo plugin is that it carries very weak vim specific helpfile. A vimmer is habituated to find help at vim specific helpfile first. After few attempts I have decided to write a good helpfile for the Goyo plugin. Reading description of this Github issue will justify this step.