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A tack for pinning messages on facebook messenger cuz facebook didn't think of that
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A tack

An extension for pinning things on f.b. because Zuckerberg didn't think of it. We have various projects on facebook and it became apparent that there needed to be a way to pin more important things to the top of group conversations. In lieu of money just do cool things for yourself and the world, well the part that deserves it. If you come to Istanbul and are not an asshole you may buy us Raki, if however you are an asshole you may buy us whiskey. [A.M.]


Install it from Chrome Webstore or manually install it following steps

  • Download it here
  • You need to do below steps to install this extension.
- Navigate to chrome://extensions
- Expand the Developer dropdown menu and click “Load Unpacked Extension”
- Navigate to the local folder containing the extension’s code and click Ok
- Assuming there are no errors, the extension should load into your browser


Reach me out at or on twitter @umitdncel


MIT © Umit Dincel

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