Simple Glyphs App plugin to keep referenced metrics automatically in sync
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Sync Metrics Keys (v 0.1.1)

A simple Plugin for Glyphs App to keep referenced side bearings in sync while editing glyphs. This syncs the current glyph's side bearings while moving nodes, but also updates all glyphs that have references to the current glyph in their side bearings.

Install, then in the menu bar: Glyph > Sync Metrics Keys

Planned features

  • Updating glyph metrics also when changes are made outside the Editor view
  • Iterative syncing of indirectly affected glyphs

Known issues

  • Moving the side-most node with your mouse can be tricky, since the plugin immediately syncs linked metrics
  • Automated syncing of the metrics creates a editing history entry, making certain undo actions hard without temporarily disabling the metrics syncing from the Glyph > Sync Metrics Keys menu


v 0.1.1

  • Fixed compatibility issue with newer Glyphs App version (1103) that prevented the plugin menu from displaying correctly


(c) Johannes "kontur" Neumeier 2017, UnderscoreType