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Slack bot to convert uploads into Git commits/PRs. Also, since Excel is so popular, transform XLSX into YAML for techies.


Deploy this repo to Heroku or any other Node.js host.

Set up environment vars (config vars in Heroku):

  • TARGET_GIT_URL: Git repo URL for commit access
    • format: https://<user>:<personal-token><user>/<repo>.git
    • create personal access token on the GitHub Personal access tokens page
    • if your repo is at and the secret personal access token is abcd1234, use:
  • SLACK_AUTH_TOKEN: Slack bot integration token
    • to get the token: configure a new bot on the Slack bot config page
    • the secret token will look something like: xyz-12345678-ABCDabcd12345678

Add the description file to your repo root: .git-inbox.yml:

# file upload and conversion configuration
  # simple file upload examples
  - hello/acme.txt # any file upload named "acme.txt" saved into "hello/acme.txt"

  - in: *foobar*.txt # any text file upload containing "foobar" in the name
    out: beep.txt # saved in "beep.txt"

  # Excel to YAML conversion examples
  - data/boop.yml # any Excel file upload starting with "boop" converted to YAML and saved into "data/boop.yml"

  - in: hi.xlsx # any Excel file named "hi.xlsx"
      format: yaml # convert to YAML
      path: my/sub/folder/hithere.yaml # save into given repo path

# publish to repo using GitHub pull requests
  type: github-request # open a GitHub pull request
  base: master # use "master" as base branch (default)

# alternative mode: direct commit to branch
# push:
#   type: branch # push to branch
#   branch: development # commit to "development" branch

Now, any time you upload something to the Slack channel where the bot lives, it will commit that file and create a pull request to the target repo! 🤖

To Do

  • local npm install git-inbox instructions to help try out/experiment
  • Heroku button
  • text/raw uploads
  • CSV uploads
  • show diff (if small) in Slack channel as inline attachment
  • use Slack reaction to approve pull request
  • issue pull request to branch instead of direct push
  • allow multiple successive uploads to same PR
  • cleanup work directory after push
  • fix logging
  • customizable committer/author
  • declarative (target-first) file listener config


npm install

cat <<EOF >
export TARGET_GIT_URL=https://<user>:<personal-token><user>/<repo>.git
export SLACK_AUTH_TOKEN=<auth-token>

# Slack tests
supervisor --extensions 'js,yml' slack.js