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This is a small plug-in to provide an easy way to display a diff of two “files”
(long strings…) as html. It uses the diff-lcs gem to calculate the diff.
The default output “generator” creates table-rows in the following scheme:

Old-Line-Nr Old-File New-File Old-Line-Nr

It applies different css classes to the elements depending on match/difference.



This plug-in relies on the diff-lcs gem.

Installation ==

install it as any other plug-in and be sure to include the provided sample css or
your own css rules to the applications-stylesheet.


in your view simply call:

<%= diff(@difftest.old, @difftest.new) %>

which results in:

<tr><td>1. </td><td><pre class="only_a">require 'digest/sha1'</pre></td><td><pre class="only_b">require 'digest/sha2'</pre></td><td>1. </td></tr> 2.


class User < ActiveRecord::Base

ToDo ==


Copyright © 2008 [Johannes / jhed@informatik.uni-kiel.de], released under the MIT license