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Order System Sample Project

This is the repo for the Upgrading AngularJS sample project. This project is used starting in course 1, module 2, until the end of course 3.

You may see slight variations in this sample code from the course videos. That just means certain files or pieces of code were removed because they weren't needed, or that improvements were made to the sample project. All of the core functionality will be in both the videos and the project.

I've made commits at each module and each assignment throughout all three courses.


This project comes with an Express server (the server folder) that you'll use beginning in course 2, module 6.

Prior to then, you can just use a simple http server such as static-server to serve up the public folder. To use static-server:

  1. Install globally by running npm -g install static-server
  2. cd into the public folder
  3. Run static-server

Once you've reached course 2, module 6, here's how to run the Express server:

  1. cd into the server folder
  2. Run npm install
  3. Run npm start

Note that both of these options will require node to be installed (which we cover in course 1, module 3).