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INIT extends HTML5 Boilerplate, adds more structure for SCSS and JavaScripts files, includes build tasks and a whole lot more.

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`json` property is not needed as long you are using the default `bower.json` :neckbeard:
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This project is based upon HTML5 Boilerplate and adds more structure for SCSS and JavaScript files, includes build tasks and a whole lot more.

Build Status Dependency Status devDependency Status Built with Grunt


You will need to install some stuff, if you haven't already:


  • Node.js
  • Ruby


  • Node: npm
  • Ruby: Sass 3.3.x

After you've set this stuff up please run

$ npm install -g grunt-cli bower

This installs the Grunt command line tools and bower. Afterwards please run

$ npm install

in your project's directory. This will install all the things you need for running the grunt-tasks automatically and all Bower components defined in bower.json.

Also it will create a folder components which holds all vendor dependencies managed by Bower.


If running the install does not work, please try running it as with admin-rights:

$ sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

Browser support

  • Chrome
  • Firefox 4+
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Opera 12+
  • Safari 5+

Yeoman Generator-INIT

INIT is also available as Yeoman Generator and is called generator-init. See the repository for detailed instruction and more information.


Please help making this project better and contribute with your knowledge.


We are currently working with Sass (in its dialect SCSS) and do not use CSS directly. Please do not edit the CSS-files in any case but search the corresponding .scss file and edit it accordingly. If you are not familiar with SCSS you can write pure CSS which is actually valid SCSS.

However all .scss-files are compiled into one file called main.css in the css-folder. There is a productive-version (means minified), too.

You can find more information about the installation process of Sass and the usage of SCSS in the Sass Tutorial.


We use jQuery, Modernizr (custom build via Grunt) and RequireJS.

Please use JSHint for your JavaScript before you commit. You can use the Grunt-task jshint for this. It is also integrated in grunt watch.

Creating a Build

Please use Grunt.js for building a production-state of a website. The Gruntfile.js has tasks for concatenating and minifing CSS and JavaScript.

Additional information on this project is stored in package.json.


This package is developed and maintained by Hans Christian Reinl, Anselm Hannemann and more contributors.


The INIT logo was designed by Jan von Beckerath at NIMIUS and optimized by Stefan Nitzsche.


Please be aware of the licenses of each component we use in this project. Everything else that has been developed by the contributions to this project is under MIT License.

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