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An open source, lightweight note-taking service. Easily capture and share your great thoughts.


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A privacy-first, lightweight note-taking service. Easily capture and share your great thoughts.

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Key points

  • Open source and free to use. Embrace a future where creativity knows no boundaries with our open-source solution. All features are free to use and will never be charged in any form or content.
  • Self-hosting with Docker in just seconds. Enjoy the flexibility, scalability, and ease of setup that Docker provides, allowing you to have full control over your data and privacy.
  • Pure text with added Markdown support. Say goodbye to the overwhelming mental burden of rich formatting and embrace a minimalist approach.
  • Customize and share your notes effortlessly. With our intuitive sharing features, you can easily collaborate and distribute your notes with others.
  • RESTful API for third-party services. Embrace the power of integration and unleash new possibilities with our RESTful API support.

Deploy with Docker in seconds

docker run -d --name memos -p 5230:5230 -v ~/.memos/:/var/opt/memos neosmemo/memos:stable


This command is only applicable for Unix/Linux systems. For Windows, please refer to the detailed documentation.

The ~/.memos/ directory will be used as the data directory on your local machine, while /var/opt/memos is the directory of the volume in Docker and should not be modified.

Learn more about other installation methods.


Contributions are what make the open-source community such an amazing place to learn, inspire, and create. We greatly appreciate any contributions you make. Thank you for being a part of our community! 🥰


Memos supports multiple languages. You can help us translate Memos into your language. We use Weblate to manage translations.

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Other projects

  • Slash: An open source, self-hosted bookmarks and link sharing platform. Save and share your links very easily.
  • Gomark: A markdown parser written in Go for Memos. And its WebAssembly version is also available.