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NASA Student Launch 2016-17 Computer Vision System
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Error Codes

Format: Red:Red:Red:Green
  • 1000: No communications between Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • 1100: Very dark image taken. Maybe lens cap on (Seriously?), lens focus off, usb cable disconnected, ect..
  • 1110: No communications with 10DOF board
  • 0110: No Communications with GPS
  • 0001(Flashing): No error, searching for GPS fix
  • 1010: No clue, bad exception error
  • 0001(Solid): No error, GPS fixed
  • 1111(Solid): Waiting for start command

Starting procedure

  1. Give everything power, system is in standby mode
  2. Turn on switch one. All lights and buzzer sound for 5 seconds
  3. Now camera and all arduino sensors are active, servos retracted, and error checking is occurring
  4. When lander is put inside, detects via photoresistor. All lights and buzzer sounds 10 short pulses(5 secs total).
  5. When lander is ejected, 5 second buzzer sounds.
  6. When lander is found, turn switch off. This force ends program, ensuring data is saved
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