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JSON Validate Utility

Part of the Using JSON Schema project.

jsonvalidate is a command line and library utility allowing JSON content to be validated using JSON Schema content from local or remote sources, and use of custom schema storage and URI access.

The utility uses the tv4 library for the schema validation processing (GitHub repo).

For command line/script use, a console message is displayed and the process exits with 0 for success, 1 for failure.

Build Status

Command Line / Script Use

To run the validation (command line or script), use the validate command with a file name (path optional). For example, to check the file example.json against the schema example_schema.json, use,

validate example.json example_schema.json

Library Function Use

validate (dataFile, schemaFile, refFiles, jsdbFile, callback)

dataFile String File name of JSON data file (path optional)
schemaFile String File name of JSON Schema file (path optional)
refFiles String[] Array of file names for $ref files (path optional)
jsdbFile String File name for JSDB file (path optional)
callback: Function Function called when processing has completed. Called with (code, data, message) arguments, where,

  • code is the validation result
  • data is the validated JSON content from dataFile
  • message is text message associated with the code

For example,

var jsonvalidate = require ("ujs-jsonvalidate");
var validate = jsonvalidate.validate;

var dataFile = "example.json";
var schemaFile = "example_schema.json";
var refFiles = ["ref1_schema.json", "ref2_schema.json"];
var jsdbFile = null;

validate (dataFile, schemaFile, refFiles, jsdbFile, function (code, data, message) {
    if (code === jsonvalidate.VALID) {
        console.log ("Valid JSON content");
    } else {
        console.log ("Error: " + message);


The program can be installed using npm, with the command,

npm -g install ujs-jsonvalidate

Use of the -g parameter will install it in the global system repository, allowing command line / script use from any location on the system.




JSON validation library and command line tool for Node.js




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