Tool Listing

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Tool Listing

This is an index of the tools hosted in XDS Toolkit. Toolkit hosts several types of tools.

Administration and configuration

Query tools

These tools offer a user interface in front of a Query or Retrieve type function.

Find Documents - FindDocuments query - works with Registries and Gateways (XDS and XCA) but offers only a minimal set of parameters.

Find Documents (All Parameters) - FindDocuments Query - supports all parameters but only in an XDS environment.

Submission tools

These tools offer canned content that can be useful for loading a system.

XDR Provide and Register transaction - same transaction as above but targets a Document Recipient.

Submit Resource - submit canned FHIR resource

Conformance testing

There is only one conformance testing tool but it is really a full ecosystem of conformance testing capabilities. See the details for the Profile/Actor/Transaction coverage of this tool.

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