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ServiceSpark is a powerful tool to help volunteer coordinators and volunteers keep tabs on hours, be notified of volunteer opportunities. ServiceSpark code is presented as-is with no warranty of any kind.

ServiceSpark is maintained by @bradkovach for the United Way of Albany County. To inquire about a hosted installation of ServiceSpark, please contact

Quick Install

Use the 5-minute installer from


1. Clone Repository

git clone servicespark

Verify the installation...

tree -L 1 --dirsfirst -F servicespark

You should see the following output...

├── app/
├── cache/
├── install/
├── logs/
├── www/
├── composer.json
├── composer.lock

5 directories, 3 files

2. Install Dependencies with Composer

ServiceSpark uses plugin packages that are not in the repository. As a result, enumerating the packages may take a very long time. It may time out, so try again, as composer will pickup where it left off.

With composer installed globally...

cd servicespark
composer install

Install and use local composer.phar locally...

cd servicespark
curl | php
php composer.phar install

If Composer times out during install...

You may need to disable the composer process timeout, as the cakephp/cakephp repository is large. Prepend your composer command with COMPOSER_PROCESS_TIMEOUT=0

# when installing globally...
# when installing locally...
COMPOSER_PROCESS_TIMEOUT=0 php composer.phar install

Database installation

Execute the contents of sql/install.sql on your database.

Application Settings

Open and edit the following files and save removing .default from the filenames...

  • $/app/Config/servicespark.bootstrap.php.default
  • $/app/Config/

Adjust Routing Prefixes

Open Config/core.php and add the following at line ~145

Configure::write('Routing.prefixes', array('go', 'admin', 'coordinator', 'volunteer', 'supervisor', 'json') );

Start using ServiceSpark

Visit your ServiceSpark installation and create an account. Before you can begin using ServiceSpark, you will also need to create an Organization.

To make yourself a super administrator, edit your user row in the users table.

At the moment, manually editing the users table is the only way to give yourself full administrative privileges.

To create events

  1. Create an organization (Volunteer > Create Organization)
  2. Join the organization (Volunteer > Join Organizations)
  3. Find the permission row in permissions that corresponds to your organization id and your user id and set the write field to 1
  4. Logout and log back in to ServiceSpark. You will now be able to coordinate events for your organization.