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  1. Live Syphon Camera

    Objective-C 1.2k 106

  2. v002 Film Effects brings emulation of classic film looks to Quartz Composer. Add vignetting, emulate the classic black and diffused white look, Technicolor 1, 2, 3 additive/subtractive film strip p…

    Objective-C 32 3

  3. libfreenect based Kinect Plugin for Quartz Composer. Performs auto-depth calibration, allows for multiple kinects, servo control, infra red and color image output.

    C 25 7

  4. v002 Rutt/Etra attempts to emulate the Rutt/Etra raster-based analog synthesizer.

    Objective-C 22 4

  5. Implementation of FXAA as image processor for Quartz Composer.

    Objective-C 12 3

  6. Objective-C 12 5


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