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v002 Camera Live

v002 Camera Live provides a Syphon server for a connected camera, allowing it to be used as a live video feed.

Currently the only supported cameras are Canon DSLRs, see for a list.

You can download the app from the releases page.

Typical latency of a Canon 7D is 120 ms (between 3 and 4 frames at 30 FPS), which is comparable to the latency of the same camera's HDMI output connected to a capture device.


  • If your camera model was released after the latest build of Camera Live, it probably isn't supported yet.
  • Make sure your camera's firmware is up to date. Firmware updates are available from Canon in your region.
  • Quit Canon's EOS Utility if you have it open.
  • If your camera has a Wi-Fi/NFC mode, disable it before using Camera Live.


See the change log for details of changes between released builds.

Building From Source

To build the project yourself, you must acquire your own copies of the necessary libraries:

Code-signing the Canon SDK when you export an Archive build throws up a couple of challenges:

  • You will have to add a CFBundleSupportedPlatforms entry to the Info.plist of some of the Canon bundles within EDSDK.framework (try it and you will see error messages for each affected bundle)
  • You will have to relocate anything that isn't loadable code from EDSDK.framework/Versions/A/ and edit the EDSDK binary to update the new location if it is referenced. I moved Versions/Current/DeviceInfo.plist to Versions/A/Resources/ceInfo.plist (to avoid changing the length of strings in the EDSDK binary).