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uSite is a tiny static website generator for programmers. uSite consists of a content transformation API and less than 90 lines of example code for building a blog. The user of uSite is fully in control to change how websites are generated and come up with conventions which make sense for particular types of projects.


npm install -g usite


  • Create empty folder for your website
  • Navigate to your new folder using Terminal
  • Execute "usite init" command to get barebones website
  • Execute "npm install" to get website dependencies
  • Execute "usite generate blog" to get static HTML website. Execute this command each time you want to update the generated website.

Custom blog example

const blog = new uSite();

// Load website settings and put them in = blog.loadOptions('website.json');

// Process post files to extract content and meta information
const posts = blog.loadContent('content/post/*').map((item) => {
    const file = item.rawContent;
    var fileParts = file.split('+++', 1);
    var content = file.replace(fileParts[0] + '+++', '');
    var contentParts = content.split('<!-- excerpt -->');
    var meta = blog.utils.parseOptions(fileParts[0]);
    const slug = meta.slug || blog.utils.generateSlug(meta.title);

    return {
        meta: meta,
        slug: slug,
        content: blog.utils.parseMarkdown(content),
        excerpt: blog.utils.parseMarkdown(contentParts[0]),
        relativeUrl: 'post/' + slug
}).sort((a, b) => { return -; });

// Render posts using single page template
posts.emit('template/single.njk', 'www/post/{slug}');

// Group posts to pages based on postsPerPage parameter
var postGroup =, index) => {
    return Math.floor(index / ( || 10)).toString();

// Render each page group using list template
postGroup.emit('template/list.njk', 'www/posts/{groupKey}');

// Copy static resources
blog.copy('content/images', 'www/images');
// Index page is just the first page group
blog.copy('www/posts/0/index.html', 'www/index.html');



Main class of uSite static website generator.

Instance methods

  • .loadOptions(path:string):Object - reads file contents, detects contetn type (JSON, YAML) and parses the content to a JS Object
  • .loadContent(path:string):ContentList< T extends ContentItem > - loads all files using given glob pattern and returns ContentList object holding ContentItems
  • .copy(sourcePath, destinationPath) - copies files or folders from source location to destination location


Representation of a file read by .loadContent() method call

  • .context:Object - context holds internal functions
  • .filePath:string - holds path to a file from which this item was created
  • .rawContent:string - holds raw string content of a file

ContentList< T extends ContentItem >

  • .map(fn:()=>T):ContentList< T extends ContentItem > - Maps ContentItem to new representation and returns new instance of ContentList. Existing ContentItem properties are copied to T and will be overrriden if same attribute names were used.
  • .emit(templateFn:()=>string, destination:string) - renders ContentItem using Nunjucks template and creates files based on destination pattern
  • .group(groupKeyFn: (item: T extends ContentItem, index: number) => string): ContentMap< T > - creates ContentMap where items are grouped by key returned from groupKeyFn
  • .sort(sortFn: (a: T, b: T) => number) - sorts items in the ContentList
  • .count():number - returns count of items in the list
  • .get(i:number):T - returns ContentItem with given index

ContentMap< T extends ContentItem >

ContentMap is a version of ContentList where ContentItems are grouped by a key. One common usecase for a map is pagination.

  • .emit(templateFn:()=>string|string, destination:string) - renders ContentItem using Nunjucks template and creates files based on destination pattern
  • .filter(filterFn:(group:ContentMap< T extends ContentItem >) => boolean) - filters groups based on given predicate