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GOTO using Atom's Symbols
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goto package

Provides “goto symbol” functionality for the current file or the entire project.

This is a replacement for Atom’s built-in symbols-view package that uses Atom’s own syntax files to identify symbols rather than ctags. The ctags project is very useful but it is never going to keep up with all of the new Atom syntaxes that will be created as Atom grows.


  • cmd-r - Goto File Symbol
  • cmd-shift-r - Goto Project Symbol
  • cmd-alt-down - Goto Declaration
  • Rebuild Index
  • Invalidate Index


The symbol index is currently maintained in memory. Goto File Symbol will reindex the current file if necessary and editing a file will automatically invalidate the symbol cache for it.

Symbols for the entire project are not indexed until the Goto Project Symbol or Goto Declaration commands are used.

While symbols are automatically kept up to date as buffers are modified, the package does not yet watch for external file modifications. If you change files externally, such as through a "git pull" or switching branches, you can use run Invalidate Index to clear the current index so it will be rebuilt when needed or Rebuild Index to rebuild it immediately.


More Ignored Names

A whitespace and/or comma separated list of globs (filenames or wildcards) to ignore, applied to both files and directories. This can be useful for speeding up the rebuilding of the index.

Example: node_modules, *.sql

Auto Scroll

By default the Goto File Symbol command will scroll the selected command into view. Pressing Esc to cancel the command restores the position of the screen. Uncheck this option to disable the scrolling.

Note that the Goto Project Symbol does not scroll the editor since it displays choices from multiple files.

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