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.github meta: remove CODEOWNERS Jun 13, 2018
benchmark test,util: add missing tests and conditions Jul 8, 2018
deps Update V8 to b819afeb4f Jul 18, 2018
doc src: add --title command line argument Jul 10, 2018
lib workers: fix invalid exit code in parent upon uncaught exception Jul 10, 2018
src src: update NODE_MODULE_VERSION to 66 Jul 11, 2018
test Temporarily remove doctool/test-make-doc Jul 11, 2018
tools tools: Remove lldbinit file from install script Jul 12, 2018
.editorconfig tools: apply editorconfig rules to tools also Apr 1, 2018
.eslintignore tools: delete redundant .eslintignore rule Apr 21, 2018
.eslintrc.js tools: lint doc code examples in strict mode Jul 6, 2018
.gitattributes src: limit .gitattributes eol to vcbuild.bat Jan 13, 2015
.gitignore build: remove requirement to re-run ./configure Jun 29, 2018
.mailmap doc: update AUTHORS list Jun 25, 2018
.nycrc test: fix tests that fail under coverage May 22, 2018
.remarkrc tools: use remark-preset-lint-node in .remarkrc Oct 25, 2017
.travis.yml build: improve Travis CI settings Jun 26, 2018
AUTHORS doc: update AUTHORS list Jun 25, 2018
BSDmakefile node: rename from io.js to node Aug 23, 2015 doc: remove obsolete wiki references from BUILDING Jun 17, 2018 doc: update changelog with 9.x EOL Jul 10, 2018 doc: move Code of Conduct to admin repo Nov 28, 2017 doc: improve guide text for CI runs Jul 5, 2018 doc: split Jan 23, 2018 doc: add snake_case section for C-like structs May 6, 2018 doc: add new documentation lint rule Feb 23, 2018
LICENSE doc: update LICENSE file Jun 25, 2018
Makefile tools: build all.json by combining generated JSON Jul 9, 2018 Restore Jul 11, 2018
android-configure build: don't create directory for NDK toolchain Mar 22, 2017
common.gypi Fix ninja builds on Windows Jul 11, 2018
configure Fix configure for build_v8_with_gn_depot_tools Jul 11, 2018
node.gyp Update to renamed inspector scripts Jul 18, 2018
node.gypi Fix ninja builds on Windows Jul 11, 2018
vcbuild.bat build, win: make LTCG optional Jun 27, 2018

This is the official V8 fork of Node.js with a recent V8 version.

To build from source, run

git clone v8-node
cd v8-node
./configure --build-v8-with-gn
make -j4 node

Or download the latest build for Ubuntu from this build bot. Select a build, then use Archive link download.

To check the V8 version in Node, have a look at v8-version.h or run

node -e "console.log(process.versions.v8)"