A personal task manager written in Ruby
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gitodo is a personal task manager for your command line. Here's how you
should think about the program:

    - An important task comes up, but you don't have to do it right now.
    - You write that task down and throw it on a big pile: You create a
      new gitodo item.
    - While doing so, you tell gitodo how important your task is. Does
      it have a deadline? Is it more important than other tasks? Or is
      it totally unimportant and you don't want it to show up for the
      next couple of months?
    - gitodo can then sort your tasks for you and tell you what to do

gitodo can send you e-mails about upcoming tasks (using cron) and you
can integrate it with bars like the one of dwm.

gitodo also comes with a little tool called highcal: It's much like
cal(1), but it uses colors and can highlight days.


gitodo and highcal are Ruby 1.9 scripts and require no external

gitodo ships with a Vim syntax file. If you're manually installing
gitodo, you might want to also install those Vim files:

    $ cd ~/.vim/ftdetect
    $ ln -s ~/git/gitodo/vim/ftdetect/gitodo.vim
    $ cd ../syntax/
    $ ln -s ~/git/gitodo/vim/syntax/gitodo.vim

If you're on Arch Linux, you can use the following AUR package:

    - https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/gitodo-git/


If you're using gitodo for the very first time, you must initialize your
TODO repository:

    $ cd "$XDG_DATA_HOME"
    $ mkdir gitodo.items
    $ cd gitodo.items
    $ git init

You can share this repository with other machines.

Then, simply run the program on your terminal from any directory:

    $ gitodo

Refer to the manpage for all options. The manpage also explains how you
can combine gitodo with highcal.