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Varlink for Java Build status Maven Central

"Varlink for Java" are Java bindings and tools for Varlink.

Maven plugin

There is Maven plugin which creates a default Java client based on a varlink file. You can add this to your Maven project using:

  <version><!-- plugin version--></version>

Eclipse Varlink File Editor

There is an Eclipse editor for Varlink based files. It can be installed using the Eclipse Marketplace:

Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

P2 Repository

Varlink for Java also provides a P2 repository:

Building the project

This project consists of two main builds. The first is a plain maven build and the second is a Maven Tycho based build. Unfortunately this is necessary due to the way the different components work. I am happy to receive a PR which fixes this nightmare ;-)

In order to build this project you need to issue the following two commands:

mvn clean install
mvn clean install -f varlink-idl/pom.xml

Also see: