Java Spring Boot - Ecommerce REST API
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Java Spring E-commerce

E-commerce REST API based on Java Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate ORM with MySQL, Spring HATEOAS, Spring Fox (Swagger API docs), JWT and Redis.

REST API Endpoints

All inputs and outputs use JSON format.

To open Swagger (interactive) API documentation, navigate your browser to [YOUR-URL]/swagger-ui.html

  POST / - Login using username: b and password:b

  GET / - List of products
  POST / - Add product - required : String name , String groupId, String userId
  GET /{id} - View product
  POST /{id} - Update product
  GET /{id}/images - View product images
  GET /image/{id}- View image
  POST /{id}/uploadimage - Upload product image

  GET / - List of groups
  POST / - Add group
  GET /{id} - View group
  POST /{id} - Update group

  GET / - List of orders
  POST / - Add order
  GET /{id} - View order
  POST /{id} - Update order

  POST / - Create cart
  GET /{id} - Get items for card with ID = {id}
  POST /{id} - Add CartItem to cart with ID {id}
  DELETE /{id}/{product_id} - Remove product with ID {product_id} from cart with ID {id}
  POST /{id}/quantity - Updates cart item, i.e. set product quantity
  POTS /{id}/order - Create order from cart