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With a passion for technology and automation, vBridge tackles cloud-related questions and challenges. Our team of experienced and certified cloud engineers can migrate your infrastructure and code into the future.

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Popular repositories

  1. terraform-gcloud-http-cloud-function terraform-gcloud-http-cloud-function Public

    Terraform deploy a local folder to a Google Cloud Function that can be triggered over HTTP

    HCL 3 1

  2. concis-framework concis-framework Public

    🤏 Concis – PHP Serverless Functions Framework (WIP)

    PHP 2 1

  3. vbridge-logo vbridge-logo Public

    The vBridge Logo


  4. terraform-gcloud-service-account terraform-gcloud-service-account Public

    Easily create a Service Account with certain IAM Roles applied

    HCL 1 1

  5. c-all-app-login-bundle c-all-app-login-bundle Public

    PHP 1

  6. terraform-gcloud-cloud-function terraform-gcloud-cloud-function Public

    Terraform deploy a local folder to a Google Cloud Function (version 1) that can be triggered by a Pub/Sub subscription



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