Generate JSON schema from your Typescript sources
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Extended version of

Inspired by YousefED/typescript-json-schema. Here's the differences list:

  • this implementation does not use typeChecker.getTypeAtLocation() (so probably it keeps correct type aliases)
  • the following features are not supported yet:
    • class types
  • processing AST and formatting JSON schema have been split into two independent steps
  • not exported types, interfaces, enums are not exposed in the definitions section in the JSON schema


npm install --save ts-json-schema-generator
./node_modules/.bin/ts-json-schema-generator \
    --path 'my/project/**.*.ts' \
    --type 'My.Type.Full.Name' \
    --expose 'export' \
    --jsDoc 'extended'


-e, --expose <all|none|export>
    all: Create shared $ref definitions for all types.
    none: Do not create shared $ref definitions.
    export:  Create shared $ref definitions only for exported types.

-r, --no-top-ref
    Do not create a top-level $ref definition.

-j, --jsDoc <extended|none|basic>
    basic: Read JsDoc annotations to provide schema properties.
    extended: Also read @nullable, and @asType annotations.
    none: Do not use JsDoc annotations.

-c, --skip-type-check
    Skip type checks for better performance.

-s, --strict-tuples
    Do not allow additional items on tuples.

-u, --unstable
    Do not sort properties.

Current state

  • interface types
  • enum types
  • union, tuple, type[] types
  • string, boolean, number types
  • "value", 123, true, false, null, undefined literals
  • type aliases
  • generics
  • typeof
  • keyof


npm run debug -- test/programs/type-alias-single/main.ts --aliasRefs true MyString

And connect via the debugger protocol.

AST Explorer is amazing for developers of this tool!