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Button visually impaired

Button visually impaired - is a plugin that automatically changes the visually impaired version of your site. The panel on the site for the visually impaired allows the color scheme of the site, font sizes, the synthesizer reads aloud settings changes. Thanks to it, you can use the functions of the site that meet the needs of people with disabilities.

  • Change the font size (up to 200%);
  • Change the color scheme of the site;
  • Change the font of the site (serif or sans serif);
  • Change the image (gray scale, hide the image);
  • Change letter spacing (kerning);
  • Change line spacing;
  • Automatically set Alt tag to all site images;
  • Speech synthesizer will read aloud changes to display settings;
  • Disable embedded elements (videos, maps, etc.);
  • Play text to voice;
  • Support for browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera;


view demo version here.


$ npm install bvi
import bvi from "bvi"

Browser Usage

Download the latest package. unpack and inspect the contents. You need to copy the bvi.min.js and bvi.min.css or their minified variations to your app dist folders as follows. Link the required CSS in your document <head> tag

<link href="dist/css/bvi.min.css" rel="stylesheet">

Link the required JS in your document at the end of the pages, right before the closing </body> tag

<script src="dist/js/bvi.min.js"></script>

Run function with default settings

  new isvek.Bvi();

Run function with your settings

  new isvek.Bvi({
    target: '.className',
    fontSize: 24,
    theme: 'black'

Html class

Arbitrary links

<a href="#" class="className">version for visually impaired</a>

Speech synthesis

<div class="bvi-speech">
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Hide element

<div class="bvi-hide">The text will be hidden when the plugin is enabled.</div>

Show element

<div class="bvi-show">The text will be shown when the plugin is enabled.</div>

Disable styles div block

<div class="bvi-no-styles">Plugin styles will not be applied in this block.</div>


Option Type Default value Value options Description
target string '.bvi-open' '.className' Plugin initialization class
fontSize number 16 1-39 Font size
theme string 'white' (white|black|blue|brown|green) Color spectrum
images (string|boolean) 'grayscale' (true|false|grayscale) Adapting images
letterSpacing string 'normal' (normal|average|big) Letter spacing
lineHeight string 'normal' (normal|average|big) Line spacing
speech boolean true (true|false) Speech synthesis
fontFamily string 'arial' (arial|times) Fonts
builtElements boolean false (true|false) Inline elements are a component of an HTML element that allows you to embed documents, videos, maps, and interactive media into a page.
panelFixed boolean true (true|false) Fixing the panel for the visually impaired at the top of the page.
panelHide boolean false (true|false) Hides the panel for the visually impaired and shows the panel icon.
reload boolean false (true|false) Enable / Disable page reload when switching to the regular version of the site.
lang string 'ru-RU' ('ru-RU'|'en-US') Language



  • new version created JavaScript


MIT License