Simulated cryptocurrency trading system
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Bitimulate is closed; the service is not available anymore.


Bitimulate is compound word of Bitcoin and Simulate. This service provides a simulated cryptocurrency trading system. Data used in this service rely on realtime information at Poloniex.

Currently, Korean is the only supported language in this service. English, and other languages might be implemented later on...


Everything in this project is in JavaScript.



  • Node.js
  • Koa
  • MongoDB (mongoose)
  • Redis
  • Websocket


  • EC2
  • S3
  • Cloudfront
  • ElasticLoadbalancer

Running on your Machine

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development or testing purposes.


  • Node.js v8^
  • yarn
  • MongoDB
  • Redis


Clone this project from the github repository.

$ git clone

Install packages in both backend and frontend directory using following command:

$ yarn

Rename .env.bak file

You have to rename .env.bak file to .env in bitimulate-backend directory. This file contains environment variable for the server.

Uncomment the registerInitialExchangeRate line @ crawler

Open the crawler file and uncomment following code:

  await registerInitialExchangeRate();

This function crawls exchangerate data from poloniex and creates document for each currency.

Running Backend Development Server

To run the development server, execute following command inside bitimulate-backend directory:

$ yarn dev

Then, make sure you comment the await registerInitialExchangeRate(); again. I know this procedure is bit inefficient. I will come up with better solution later on :)

Running Frontend Webpack Development Server

To run the webpack-dev-server for frontend, execute following command inside bitimulate-frontend directory:

$ yarn start


Feel free to submit new issue when you have questions or find some bugs.