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fix: trigger timeupdate during seek (#4754)

If the player is paused, when we seek, the time displays don't update. So, we trigger a timeupdate manually to let components know that the time has updated.
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shahlabs authored and gkatsev committed Nov 17, 2017
1 parent bbea5cc commit 1fcd5ae4b19548f6b7b391e9cf48aa56b688ecf9
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@@ -244,6 +244,15 @@ class SeekBar extends Slider {
* Trigger timeupdate because we're done seeking and the time has changed.
* This is particularly useful for if the player is paused to time the time displays.
* @event Tech#timeupdate
* @type {EventTarget~Event}
this.player_.trigger({ type: 'timeupdate', target: this, manuallyTriggered: true });
if (this.videoWasPlaying) {;

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