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A generic focus management tool for components such as dialogs and dropdowns.



React Focus Trap is a container element that will manage focus for its children.

let Modal = React.createClass({
  render() {
    return (
      <FocusTrap onExit={ this._onExit } active={ }>
        Amazing stuff goes here

When Focus Trap is active, it will do several things:

  1. Ensure focus remains on its content
  2. Exits when clicks outside of the container occur
  3. Exits when the escape key is pressed


Name Default Description
active true Should the FocusTrap render?
className 'focus-trap' The class of the inner container that maintains focus
onExit null Callback when escape or an outside click occurs
element 'div' The tag name of the inner container
role 'dialog' The aria role for the inner container

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