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Cloud Images

This repository is intended to allow for the easy creation and customization of cloud images for use on KVM based cloud computing infrastructures. We are using Packer to create repeatable images.

The steps provided here were tested on CentOS 6.

How To

  1. Download Packer:

     wget -O
  2. Unzip Packer

     unzip -d /usr/local/bin
  3. Install virt-sysprep

     yum install -y libguestfs-tools-c
  4. Download this repository

     wget -O
  5. Unzip this repository

  6. Enter the directory of the image you'd like to create

     cd cloud-images-master/centos-6
  7. Run Packer

     packer build centos-packer.json
  8. Sysprep the image

     virt-sysprep -a output-qemu/*.raw

Once that process completes you will have a RAW image in the output-qemu directory which is ready to be uploaded to your cloud of choice.

For example in Eucalyptus 4.0:

    euca-install-image -i output-qemu/centos-6-base.raw --virtualization-type hvm -b centos-base -r x86_64 --name centos-base

Customizing your image

In order to customize your image change the parameters in the json file found in each distro's folder. Here you can change the size, output format, or provisioning/customization steps.

For more information on how to customize a Packer run please see:


In order to contribute a new distro send a pull request with a new folder with the name of the distribution. This folder should contain all the artifacts necessary to create the most basic functioning cloud image based on this distribution.