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Get monetdb in source, build and install it.
Then build and install the MonetDB-clients.

To effectively use with django you'll need to patch
the MonetSQLdb package, so it doesn't seem to deal with
booleans. Neither does it give the lastrowid after inserting
stuff through a cursor.

This backend started it's life as the mySQL backend. I've just
hacked it to work with monetdb. There are probably still some
commands in it that are mySQL specific. If you need to change that
please send me a patch, I'll push it in.

Try it and give me a shout if you find any issues with it.

Binary files /Volumes/home/vb/repositories/MonetSQLdb/__init__.pyc and ./__init__.pyc differ
diff /Volumes/home/vb/repositories/MonetSQLdb/ ./
< def Boolean2Str(x, d):
<     if x:
<         return 'TRUE'
<     else:
<         return 'FALSE'
<     types.BooleanType: Boolean2Str,
Only in /Volumes/home/vb/repositories/MonetSQLdb: converters.pyc
diff /Volumes/home/vb/repositories/MonetSQLdb/ ./
<         self.lastrowid = 0
<         if self._result.lastid()>0:
<             self.lastrowid = self._result.lastid()