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Never return results of omni completion #85

hitsumabushi opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I have a problem about omni completion of ruby code.

I upload my vimrc & bugreport.txt and sample file for reproducing this problem.
Please see


  • Freeze rubycomplete#Complete (Never return any result).


  1. At first, enable filetype plugin. For example, "filetype plugin on" in your vimrc.
  2. In ruby file, type the for completion of specific object's method. See below example.



example =
example.(type <C-x> <C-o> here)

What happen:

  • omni completion never retrun any result
  • and just desplay searching message.

I think right behavior in this case is

  • returning the completion list or
  • finishing search and display the message "Pattern not found".

At first glance this looks to be due to the ruby being completed. The current version of omnicompletion loads/runs the buffer inside of vim. So it's attempting to run gets inside of vim, which leads to "weird" behavior.



At first I think so too.
However, when I just write "gets", omnicompletion behave usual.
For example,

bar = gets
bar.(type <C-x><C-o> here)

Is it right behavior?
It is strange for me there is a deference between writing "gets" and ""(or "gets.to_s").

@segfault segfault was assigned
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