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This is a mirror of

  This script provides an ambiguous completion functionality.

  A long function name, tired to type, a vague memory of spelling, ...
  Ambiguous completion supports you with similar words in your buffer.

  Your type does not need to match the beginning of answer word.
  "egining" -> "beginning"
  For those who are forgetful.

  This is a fork of the first version of Word Fuzzy Completion.
  adding middle-word-match, architectural changes(mainly no need +python), global candidates.


  1. Set completefunc to g:AmbiCompletion.

      :set completefunc=g:AmbiCompletion

      :inoremap <C-U>  <C-X><C-U>

  2. (optional) If you have globally useful dictionary, then

      :AmbiCompletionAddGlobal  my/favorite/dictfile
      :AmbiCompletionAddGlobal  my/favorite/another
      "this makes completion actions slow down


  (A right hand side value is a default value.)

  g:AmbiCompletion_cacheCheckpoint = 10

      cache-updating interval.
      The cache is updated when undo sequence progresses by this value.

  g:AmbiCompletion_cacheShorteningFactors = {'0': 0.1, '100': 0.25, '500': 0.5, '1000': 0.75, '5000': 1}

      cach-updating factors. {'line-order': cache-updating factor, ...}
      In small size file, caches are updated frequently. In large size file,
      caches are updated less frequently.


      updates the cache in a current buffer immediately.
  AmbiCompletionAddGlobal {filename}...

      adds words in {filename} into word candidates.
      Multiple {filename} are allowed.