GDB command line interface and terminal emulator in (G)Vim.
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* Added option to modify the amount of milliseconds to sleep before reading GDB output. Thanks to Matthias Bilger for implementing this option.
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Conque GDB turns Vim buffers into terminal emulators, which enables you to run CLI programs from inside Vim windows.

Although you can run any CLI program with Conque GDB. The main reason for this plugin is to offer a nice and complete GDB command line interface inside of Vim. See demonstration video (watch in HQ).

If you start a new debugging session with the ConqueGdb command, Conque GDB will automatically open the appropriate source files when break points are hit, and highlight the line where program execution has stopped.

Conque GDB runs on both Unix and Windows. However if you install Conque GDB on a Unix system with GDB 7.0+ compiled with python support, Conque GDB will be able to highlight lines to mark where you have currently placed break points.

Conque GDB ships with a modified version of Conque Term (Conque Shell) version 2.3. This new version of Conque Term comes with new options and new features. The most noticeable new feature is the ability to update windows that are not in focus.