Run interactive commands inside a Vim buffer
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Conque is a Vim plugin which allows you to run interactive programs, such as bash on linux or powershell.exe on Windows, inside a Vim buffer. In other words it is a terminal emulator which uses a Vim buffer to display the program output. 


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== USAGE ==

Type :ConqueTerm <command> to run your command in vim, for example:

:ConqueTerm bash
:ConqueTerm mysql -h localhost -u joe -p sock_collection
:ConqueTerm Powershell.exe
:ConqueTerm C:\Python27\python.exe

To open ConqueTerm in a new horizontal or vertical buffer use:

:ConqueTermSplit <command>
:ConqueTermVSplit <command>
:ConqueTermTab <command>

All text typed in insert mode will be sent to your shell. Use the <F9> key to send a visual selection from any buffer to the shell.

For more help type :help ConqueTerm