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Grammar checker for English, French, German (etc.) in Vim
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This is a mirror of

This plugin integrates the LanguageTool grammar checker into Vim.
Current version of LanguageTool can check grammar in many languages
See the list of supported languages:
or or more information about LanguageTool.

The script defines 2 commands:

* Use  :LanguageToolCheck  to check grammar in current buffer.
  This will check for grammar mistakes in text of current buffer
  and highlight the errors. It also opens a new scratch window with the
  list of grammar errors with further explanations for each error.
  Pressing <Enter> in scratch buffer will jump to that error. The
  location list for the buffer being checked is also populated.
  So you can use location commands such as :lopen to open the location
  list window, :lne to jump to the next error, etc.

* Use  :LanguageToolClear  to remove highlighting of grammar mistakes,
  close the scratch window containing the list of errors, clear and
  close the location list.

See screenshots of grammar checking in English and French at:

See  :help LanguageTool  for more details.

  The VIM LICENSE applies to LanguageTool.vim plugin
  (see ":help copyright" except use "LanguageTool.vim" instead of Vim").
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